Days and months and notes

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A reader recently wrote in with the following request:

I am looking for a planner that includes each month laid out as a regular calendar including a space for lists for each day.

A couple of our monthly planners (the Monthly 4 and Visoplan) do have space for notes, but none of them has room for individual daily lists¦ If you’re not wedded to a monthly format, however, the weekly Horizon 7, IB Traveler and Space 24 all have lots of note-taking space, while the daily ABP/1 has a column for notes for each day.

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  1. Moleskine and both make large monthly calendar books with spaces for each day that are big enough for at least some list space. The Uncalendar ones are undated so you can start any time or customize it to your needs, and they also have an extra square at the beginning of each week for a list, notes on that week’s events, etc.

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