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We have received several emails from coffeehouses looking for notebooks to sell.   Although plenty of people tote their laptop into Starbucks and other coffee places, it’s nice to know  some people still prefer pen and paper while enjoying an expresso and biscotti or cappucino.  

The inquiries made me think of my own favorite place to loaf &  watch life walk by, think, greet friends and savor good coffee–all at the same time:    Aldo’s  in Greenport, NY. Owned by Aldo Maiorana, is a baker, coffee roaster, business owner and chef. Aldo was born in Sicily and raised in France.  aldo1.JPG

After living in New Caledonia, Paris and South America, Aldo moved to East Marion, NY  in 1978 with his American wife, Martine.   His cafe and biscotteria–Aldo’s Too–is a Greenport landmark.   Regulars and visitors co-mingle, as people stop by for an expresso and chat. In the winter people pack the place to come in from the cold for homemade hot chocolate.

You can spot Aldo immediately by his full head of curly white hair. He roasts his own coffee, so the air is always thick with the latest batch.  But Aldo is known as much for his hazelnut and harlequin biscotti as he is his coffee.   The biscotti is shipped all over the country and as far away as Dean & DeLuca in Toyko.

Once you get your coffee, you can sit at the yellow picnic table inside; or one of the small tables outside, and read the paper, discuss, swap hellos, and savor a moment of peace and contentment.

Do you have a favorite place to go?

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