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Do we need a new calendar?

Calendar reformers cite several problems with the Gregorian calendar:

– It is not perpetual. Each year starts on a different day of the week and calendars expire every year.

– It is difficult to determine the weekday of any of any given day of the year or month.

– Months are not equal in length nor regularly distributed across the year, requiring mnemonics (e.g., “Thirty days hath September..”) to remember which month is 28, 29, 30 or 31 days long.

– The year’s four quarters (of three full months each) are not equal. Business quarters that are equal would make accounting easier.

– Its origin is not religiously neutral. The same applies to month and weekday names in many languages.

– Each month has no connection with the lunar phases.

While it is impossible to solve all these and other issues in one calendar, theAbysmal Calendar gives it a good try! theabysmal400.gif

“This Calendar has been designed to suit the breadth of the world’s peoples and their cultures. It was developed to align us  once again with the cycles of the Moon, the Seasons, and our physical selves accordingly.”  

Any other candidates?

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