The brave new world of bonsai

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I made an impulse purchase at the garden center recently: a beautiful little dwarf pomegranate that I walked by and fell in love with. It’s too cold here in New York to let it winter outdoors, but for the moment it looks fabulous in its little pot on my patio.

Apparently, dwarf pomegranates are very popular bonsai plants. Right now, that seems like more work than I can handle (I’m still figuring out plant names and what I should and shouldn’t compost), but I’m very curious about it. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden has a whole greenhouse full of bonsai trees, and if I remember right, some of them are decades old.

Do any of you bonsai? (Can I use that as a verb?) How did you get into it?

One thought on “The brave new world of bonsai

  1. I bonsai, I can really reccomend it, once u get into it you’ll be hooked! Just check out some of the bonsai specialists in your area

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