Pencils vs. pens… or, how to deal with changing schedules

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We recently got a very helpful tip from a reader named Ellie:

I have always had a problem with using pencils in planners because the lead rubs off onto other pages and it just looks messy. However, in some situations you don’t want to use pen because things change so much. My solution to this predicament was using Frixion pens, which come in a variety of colors and are completely erasable.

According to Ellie, has a big selection of Frixions and other erasable (and non-erasable) pens. “Some critique the Frixions for not having the strongest colors,” she writes, “but I don’t really mind. They also make highlighters, which I’ve recently tried and really like.”

Personally, I use ordinary ink and the oh-so-sophisticated scratch out method, but the Frixion certainly sounds like a tidier idea. Anyone else have suggestions? How do you ‘pencil in’ your appointments without, well… penciling them in?

3 thoughts on “Pencils vs. pens… or, how to deal with changing schedules

  1. worldwide,

    You could always get the ‘tape’ white out, and then just pick it off if things change. I believe they make a kind that will erase off with a regular pencil eraser.

  2. I just use white-out if I need to make changes. This wouldn’t work very well for people who need to make a lot of changes because the white out would build up on the page too much.

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