Long-range planning

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A reader from Ontario recently asked whether we had any kind of planner that extends more than 1 year ahead: I do a lot of long-range planning as a promoter and would like to have a planner that would give me say, 2009 to 2014.

We don’t, unfortunately, but I figured I would open up the question to the wisdom of crowds. Do you do much long-range planning? Is there a system that you use?

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  1. Levenger used to sell a five year journal but I looked on their website and it appears they no longer carry it.

    Take a look at diyplanner.com – they are a multi-year template in their forms section. You might not want to do the DIY route, but it’s something.

  2. Uncalendar.com makes undated planners in various formats. They have a monthly undated planner that you can start anytime and fill in your own dates. You could fill in as many months/ years’ worth as you needed to forward plan farther ahead.

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