Hey, Left-Handers

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What’s the best book for left-handers? Does anyone want to offer an opinion?

Left-handed writers, myself included, grew up having to contend with ink smears and stains on our hand as we wrote. I have smeared on pocket and desk size planners, but finally settled on a Space 24, but that’s only because I write more notes than appointments.

Once at a pen show I asked one of the traders what was the best pen to use for writing, since my ink often smeared. He told me instead of a medium nib left-handers should use a fine or even extra fine nib, since the ink would dry faster. I made the switch, and rarely have that problem.

Many inks are marketed as “fast-drying.” While I certainly use J. Herbin inks (we distribute them), I also have to admit to a fondness for Noodlers Ink. I also like Swisher Pen’s own inks, which were made to be fast-drying. I have found them impossible to smear.


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  1. I’m left handed but, for some reason, never have a problem with ink smearing. It’s probably because my hand doesn’t cover my writing. I do use a left-handed calligraphy fountain pen (when I want to write neatly) and right handers can never get it to write a single thing. And they wonder why we need specially-designed products!

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