Help for beleaguered brides and bridegrooms

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Few things, it would seem, are more stressful than planning a wedding: the guest list, the venues, invitations, catering, insurance (which, I just learned from a friend, you must buy if your ceremony’s being held on public land), the clothing, oh yes, and expenses¦ It sounds awful.

Fortunately, it seems, there are plenty of websites you can turn to if you want help organizing this stuff. I just met a woman who works for the company that runs, a subscription-based planning resource that offers task, address, and budget management tools, gift registries, local resources, web templates and hosting, and so on. There are also plenty of hints and tips and an online Q&A feature where you can chat with a wedding consultant. It sounds quite sensible.

Or you could just elope¦

2 thoughts on “Help for beleaguered brides and bridegrooms

  1. It seems funny to have read this tidbit. We had been planning for a midsized wedding with the gown, tux, wedding party, and of course the reception, not one but two (the second is for the ones in califorina that could not attend)this put us in a delimma. We tried to get it all pulled together and then all of a sudden the economy hit us. It became that we could not pull it all off so we have now had to do the court house wedding, and will have the formal affair on the one year anniversary of our union.

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