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The Hamster Revolution is chock full of practical advice on how to manage your email before it manages you.


Here’s a tip: Receive fewer by sending fewer.

While email may be the quickest channel of communication, it doesn’t mean it’s the best channel. When you need to discuss something, talk. Face-to-face communication gives you the opportunity to gauge body language and voice inflection. Or, pick up the phone. It’s faster to speak than to write.   Words in writing can sometimes sound harsher or more sarcastic than intended.

Included in the book  is a landmark case study that shows how 2,000 Capital One employees cut their email time by 23%. In a world where employees may spend up to 40% of their time writing and responding to email, that’s a great time savings.

If  you  need a  time out from boring, crotchety, or bombastic emails, you can always take a break with Hamster Dance!


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  1. Face to face and talking on the phone is good, but sometimes you want to have some conversations in writing for safe keeping or reference.

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