Time management tips for students

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In college, as they say, you learn the skills you need for the rest of your life here are some great time management tips for students that were brought to our attention by a reader:

Write things down. With so much going on it’s hard to remember every little thing you have to do unless you write it down of course. Get a student planner or a notebook to take down all your important engagements, assignments and more.
Stay organized. You’ll save yourself loads of time later by staying organized from the get-go. Instead of having to hunt around for notes, assignments and misplaced papers, keeping them all in one place makes studying and doing homework easier and less stressful.
Focus on one thing at a time. Multitasking may seem like a good idea, but really you’ll get more done by focusing your energy on one task at a time. Once you’ve finished one thing you can check it off your list and move onto the next.

You can read the full list at this website¦ I dare say some of it’s useful to us non-students, too!

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