Refill rip off?

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In a recent review of our Texagenda planner, a reader from Des Moines, IA, wrote:

“I think it is unfortunate that you do NOT carry the refills at Barnes and Noble, where I purchased my textagenda. If I buy the refill online, it will cost me $4 more than buying a brand new cover AND planner at Barnes & Noble.”

To clear up any confusion, let me first explain that it’s Barnes & Noble who chooses which products they carry not us. (If it were up to us, they would carry everything we sell!) If you shop there, and you don’t see what you’re looking for, you can always try asking the customer service department.

Secondly, we do take pricing seriously when it comes to our online vendors though keep in mind that they shoulder an additional expense for the product’s shipping and handling. Nonetheless, we’re going to talk around and investigate rates and carriers

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