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Many thanks to everyone who wrote in with comments and questions about our new Habana notebooks

By way of update, I’d like to announce that we will be importing the French Habana into the U.S. late this fall (rather than manufacturing it here with U.S.-made paper and French-made covers, as we’d initially planned). France, meanwhile, is going to start producing the Habana with 80gr ivory paper, instead of the 60gr they’re currently using. So there won’t be any difference between the notebooks you’d buy here in North America vs. the ones you’d find in Europe and the UK.

Please let us know if you have any further questions, of course!

5 thoughts on “Habana update

  1. Good news, everybody — we just shipped a bunch of Habanas (with white, 80g paper) to various retailers; both the Daily Planner and Art Brown should have them… I don’t see them listed online yet, but I’m sure you could call the companies and order them over the phone.

    Habanas with Ivory paper won’t be ready till later on in the fall…

  2. Sorry, it hasn’t been made yet! They will start to be manufactured in France in the fall and we’ll have them here in the U.S. shortly after. I’ll keep everybody posted on the blog once we have a more precise sense of the timeframe…

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