Get up and go to work

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In a recent Talk of the Town, playwright David Mamet revealed his dedication to Clairefontaine notebooks and longhand composition: I hate the computer¦ I hate their spell-check. I won’t ever do e-mail.

(He does sometimes use a typewriter.)

I’m afraid of only two things, Mamet said, Being lazy and being cowardly. I get up early in the morning and go to work.

No writerly angst for him, thankyouverymuch¦

2 thoughts on “Get up and go to work

  1. I know — I used to write far more letters by hand; now it’s almost always by email. And how nice to get a hand-written letter… I’ll never give up paper notebooks, though.

  2. Wow I admire his drive and vision. And I respect his rejection of the computer! I use e-mail to keep in touch with people I’m half a world away from, but I still use pen and paper for my notebooks, journals and planners. Nothing like putting pen to paper for that comfort-factor.

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