Finding Polaris

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The sky can be its own calendar, but we often don’t read it as well as the ancients. More than any print calendar, seeing Orion in the sky heralds for me  the coming of winter.

Growing up, my family used to spend summers in Vermont. There were no lights along our dirt road, so we got a clear view of all the stars and planets.  My sister and I would lie on the lawn and look up at the night sky. We would take out our father’s binoculars for a closer look at the Milky Way, the craters on the moon, and pick out different constellations.

Dad taught us how to find Polaris – the North Star. He said mariners used to find their way using the star as a guide.night_sky.jpg

If I find a telescope at a yard sale this summer, I plan to set it up in my backyard out on Long Island. I’m far away enough from New York City and all the lights to really see the stars.

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