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I depend on my little Sapa X to help me organize my work-week, but when it comes to weekend planning, I don’t tend to do much more than jot down notes about parties and social engagements.

Many of our readers, however students in particular have requested more space for Sundays. Since we just got another email to this effect, I thought I’d reiterate a comment I posted here last fall… There’s good news for Sunday planners: Quo Vadis’s sister company, Exacompta, is currently in the process of finalizing a new format called the Horizon 7, which has a full seven days’ worth of planning space (8 am – 9 pm), a daily contact area, and space for more notes on each page. It’ll be introduced in the 2009 calendar year, so you don’t have to wait much longer!

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  1. Thanks Karen! I love Quo Vadis agendas and was really excited last week to see that my campus bookstore had next year’s agendas in. I ended up going with the Academic Minister after a lot of deliberation because I *love* the le Heros cover. I still hope that you’ll produce my dream agenda at some point: basically the Septanote but with all seven days of the week given equal space (or with Sat and Sun equal) and with a cool bound cover. I also love the rounded edges of this Academic Minster as opposed to the reusable-covered one I have for this year.

  2. Joy, nothing is planned at this time, but I’ll bring your suggestion up at our corporate meeting next week.
    Thank you for writing.

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