Stella Natura

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The Farm in Southold, NY uses the Stella Natura calendar. The Farm’s crops are bountiful, delicious and healthy. Last summer, when overabundant rains compromised many other farmers’ and gardeners’ tomatoes (including mine!), The Farm had a great crop.the-farm.jpg

The Stella Natura is a biodynamic agricultural calendar that had its beginnings with Austrian philosopher-educator Rudolf Steiner in 1924. Sherry Wildfeuer popularized an English language edition, and has edited the calendar for the last 32 years.

Biodynamics is a holistic system of agriculture whose practices are designed to harness the forces of the sun, moon, planets and stars and focus them on the earth and its plants. Its both an ancient and modern practice of preparation and cultivation.

The calendar is meant to be used with common sense and an eye to the weather. The charts can assist you in choosing optimum times to sow seeds, transplant, cultivate your crops and harvest them for storage.

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