Planning ahead with one day per page

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In a comment to Karen’s post about the ABP1, one of our readers asked for advice on how to manage forward planning with a day-per-page calendar format. Since both Karen and I use weekly planners, we don’t have many suggestions. Perhaps someone else can help?

What do you think? How do you manage your week when you take things one day at a time?

4 thoughts on “Planning ahead with one day per page

  1. I am a college student with the unfortunate inability to find where I wrote what my class assignments and what my schedule or even what day it seems to be. But with the abp1 I am able to put all that in one page per day making sure i know roughly where i am supposed to do and what time im supposed to have done it at. Also I never miss any class assignment and/or extra credit opportunity. As a future teacher it helps me learn planning skills too.

  2. I support cytntia’s statement: I am always looking for a calender that combines all three or at least weekly & daily. I would suggest that after Sunday, there wouldbe included a week-page and then the usual daily calender follws -until next week.

    The monthly calender, I would include in a separate section – all months of the year.

    These are just my 2 cents.


  3. I currently use a combination of a weekly planner for the daily details and a monthly calendar for an overview of upcoming events. I could possibly use a monthly calendar combined with a day-per-page planner to still see upcoming things while having a more detailed view of my day. Anyone else use calendars this way, or have another way they use the day-per-page format?

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