North American Planning Meeting

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northamerica.gifOnce a year, representatives from Quo Vadis-U.S., Canada and France meet to discuss product development, innovations and customer feedback. Over the course of the year, I collect customer emails requesting specific changes and enhancements for Quo Vadis calendar year and/or academic editions.

In the past year, this is what I heard from Quo Vadis customers:

– more space for Sundays

– Executive – add a notes insert or notepad

– Space 24 – need a month-by-month planning calendar for next year as well as the current year

– begin academic planners on July 1, not the end of the month

–  want to  purchase online directly from us

–    develop a zippered cover style

– want option to purchase a planner made from recycled paper

Anything else? Please let me know. This year’s meeting is scheduled for May 28-29.

3 thoughts on “North American Planning Meeting

  1. Oh, and if the ABP1 (or another page-per-day book) could have Clairefontaine paper, that would be great. I know the book would be thick with the heavier paper, but it would be delightful to write on that nice paper every day. You know what would be really great is if the ABP2 (smaller size than 1) could be available in the US. I love the ABP page layout, but prefer the smaller size of the 2. An ABP2, with fun cover colors, with Clairefontaine paper. I think that would be my dream daily planner!

  2. Full selection of spiral bound notebooks so they will lay flat on a desk and can be turned back.

    Dotted lines to follow to outline blocks of time for meetings when you have the full spread of time from like 8am to 9pm.

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