Calling all students… homework planning

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Back when I was in college, I was never particularly systematic about keeping track of homework assignments I’d scribble notes to myself on various scraps of paper, or sometimes on my hand but it seems today’s students are better organized.

Claire from Gig Harbor, Washington, recently wrote in to suggest that we add a column to the Academic Minister for writing down assignments… does anyone else agree? How do you keep track of your homework?

2 thoughts on “Calling all students… homework planning

  1. This year I’ve been using the Academic Minster but I’ll be switching to the Trinote next year for this reason. I still want to see an Academic agenda that doesn’t separate out Sunday from the rest of the days of the week, though!!

  2. I use the trinote and it works perfectly for this.

    I write down assignments two ways:

    a) in the notes section under each day
    b) I outline the blocks of times for classes/meetings/etc and use a fine point pen to write in the assignments into the blocks, and then write in details in the notes area.

    I write them in the days that they are due.

    This is why I went with the trinote instead of the academic minister.

    Although phone, fax, and email sections can be combined into a ‘communication’ section.

    Also a weekly to do list section (priority, due date, extra, etc) would be a nice addition.

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