Bring Your Dog To Work?

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Should workplaces be “pet-friendly?” Would you be a happier, more productive employee if you could bring your dog to work?petsatwork21.JPG

Advocates say a pet-friendly workplace is a cost-free benefit to help employees maintain a life-work balance. Allowing pets at work helps reduce stress and boost morale, as employees take a break from the computer to play with one of the office dogs. And, when a dog  starts wagging their tail you know at least someone is happy to see you!

On the flip side, people who don’t like animals, don’t want to brush hair off their clothes and furniture, and don’t want to endure endless begging for a piece of their lunch, or find their garbage has been nosed through thoroughly are less than thrilled with the idea of animals in the workplace.

Pet-friendly policies vary by company, but they usually include several basic components: the needs of people who have allergies or don’t want to work near animals should be accommodated; pets must be kept on a leash or under control; pets must be housebroken, and employees must clean up after their pet outside.

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