Springing into fashion

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Lani Rosenstock is a New York based style consultant whose philosophy is that fashion is about being confident in your own unique look. In that spirit, we figured it’d be fun to get her perspective about planning a spring wardrobe: what’s out there, and what works for you?

“Fashion trends exist to keep us excited about getting dressed every morning and feeling good about ourselves. We all feel excited when we get a new piece of clothing that we think will express our personality or our mood.

This season there are so many contrasting trends, there is something for everyone. Clothes are moving closer to the body again and waists are back to the waist. No more babydoll look! Every decade is referenced this season. There’s neon from the 80’s, hippie chic from the 70’s and shirtdresses from the 50’s.

Some other major trends of the season are Color, Safari and Nautical looks as well as Floral prints. How do you pick which trends to follow, wear some of these looks to work, or know which of these trends are right for you?

Does it make you excited? Is this a color story that works for you? If you don’t look good in brights like hot pink and electric blue, what about tropical colors like turquoise and lemon yellow? Too much for you? Neutrals are in too. And if none of this sounds good, you can always go back to tried and true black and white.

My favorite safari look is this dress by Diane Von Furstenberg. Why not wear it under a black jacket and a peep-toe pump to your day job? Take off the jacket and add metallic sandals for a date after work? If prints aren’t your thing, express your inner tribal spirit with wooden bangles or a tiger’s eye ring.

The Nautical look can be anything with a navy, white and red theme. You can embrace the nautical stripe or mix a navy top with a khaki pencil skirt and red flats.

The floral prints of today are not the same of yesteryear. Witness this in the modern collection from Nicolas Ghesquière for Balenciaga. If large florals are too much, go for the smaller liberty print floral in a bikini.

You don’t have to buy a new wardrobe each season in order to follow the trends. You can simply use what is already in your closet and purchase a few new pieces. Fashion trends are not about changing your style completely each season, they’re about adopting fresh ideas into the style that is already yours.”

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