Americana – Chandler Ostrich Festival

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The 20th Annual Ostrich Festival will be held March 7-9, 2008 at Tumbleweed Park, near McQueen and Germann Roads in Chandler, Arizona.

Ostrich ranching was once a prominent part of life in Chandler. Chandler and Maricopa counties lead the nation in raising ostriches for their stylish and expensive plumes. To celebrate the city’s rich history as well as provide a first-class community event, the Chandler Chamber of Commerce created the Ostrich Festival in 1989.

The festival served as a backdrop in the 1995 Whitney Houston film, “Waiting to Exhale” and has received international media attention. The festival was also portrayed in a the Harlequin romance title, “Lover Boy.”ostrich-hotlinks.jpg

The Ostrich Festival will offer a place to experience, eat and purchase all things Ostrich.   “Ostrich Alley” has carved ostrich and emu eggs, feathers, stuffed animals and other souvenirs. Visit with Ostival and TuTu LaPlume, the festival mascots. Try an Ostrich Burger, Ostrich Jerkey and fresh Emu Eggs.

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