Americana – Celebrating “Elm Farm Ollie Day”

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“Elm Farm Ollie Day” celebrates the first flight in an airplane by a cow on February 18, 1930. Ollie was also the first cow milked in flight. Not satisfied with these feats, the milkers put milk into cartons and parachuted them down to fans waiting below at the St. Louis International Air Exposition. In the early days of aviation, the flight of “Elm Farm Ollie” was one of many “firsts.”

This event is commemorated every February 18th at the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum. Around 200 people gather to eat cheese, drink milk and sing cow songs.

The Museum began when its founder, Barry Levenson, started collecting mustard on October 27, 1986. His beloved Red Sox had lost the World Series to the New York Mets that night and Barry was very depressed. He went to an all-night supermarket to wander the aisles. He turned down the condiment aisle and heard a deep resonant voice as he passed the mustards: “If you collect us, they will come.”mustard-man.jpg

From those few jars of mustard that Barry found in 1986, the Museum collection has grown to more than 4,400 mustards and hundreds of items of mustard memorabilia. The online store includes a “Celebrity Cow Mustard Gift Set” including Elm Farm Ollie, Ophelia O’Leary (Mrs. O’Leary’s cow), and Miss Lunabelle (the cow that jumped over the moon.)

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