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We have a growing number of ABP1 fans out there.

A forest ranger wrote to tell us how much she likes the format to record field notes and daily tasks.   We also spotted a February 21 mention of this particular planner on the blog, New Kid on the Hallway. Another blogger, Jeri Dansky, cited it in her “Agendas for a Mom” post.

The ABP1 has lots of room for notes and lists. One thing the “New Kid” blogger said that particularly resonated with me is that her paper planner is “one of my last refuges from the digital world…There’s something really satisfying about crossing out by hand a task that I’ve completed   – it’s more more tactile than clicking a check-box and seeing strikethrough text appear.”

4 thoughts on “Satisfaction

  1. Oh dear. My heart sank.

    After hours of searching, I finally thought I had found the format of diary that I wanted. A small appointments section and a large space for notes. A page a day format bound so that it lay flat. I read the blog and was delighted.

    I tried to find the diary on the Quo Vadis site, but each time I clicked on the link it returned to the menu page. I did another search on Google and discovered Bureau Direct in London had the APB/2, and in stock.

    I guessed (in the absence of anything else on the QV site (or here)) that this was merely an updated version. So I placed my order.

    Being a French product, I expected grid lines rather than rules for the notes area, though I would have been happy with plain paper. All my searches had been for A5 diaries as I don’t like a pocket one and I don’t like to carry a full A4. Google had found this one and when I first read about it, it was described as a medium format so I expected that it would be A5.

    Given the price that most places were charging in previous years, the fact that it was re-usable in future years with an insert, and the larger market for it, I expected a high quality cover. With a name like ‘Impala’ I expected it to be, at least, leather-substitute if not actually leather.

    So you can imagine my disappointment when it arrived….

    Not even A5 (barely more than A6)
    A cheap plastic cover
    Ruled lines
    A binding that closes unless you crack the spine

    What a shame. I realise now that I had not checked some of the details – a salutary lesson in my use of Google and allowing my emotions to make a decision.

    Best wishes

    • Hi Graham, I am sorry to read of your disappointment. and are both USA-based websites, although people from around the world (which we welcome) visit, write to us, comment, and interact with other readers and QV fans. The planners and notebooks shown on are what is offered for sale in the US. Quo Vadis (the brand) offers many more cover options and format styles than what we do. In fact, Canada, the UK and the US don’t offer all the same format or cover choices. If you are unhappy with the product, I suggest you return it to the retailer for a refund or another selection. If there is anything I can do, please write to me via the blog or at Finally,I am not aware of grid lines for notes in any Quo Vadis manufactured product except for the ones we do for Rhodia here in the US. In any case I was distressed to hear of your unhappiness and hope there is some way to make it up to you. Best regards, Karen

      • Hello Karen

        Thanks for responding. Don’t worry, I do fully accept that it is my fault. I often browse stationers in France and longed to find a format of QV that would suit and so I had emotionally hooked in without reading the small print.

        I am intrigued that this is a US-based blog. Nowhere does it say that, the only reference to a country is the link to another site about courses in Tuscany. Even the English is international rather than North American. To an outsider it certainly appears to be the English language corporate blog.

        Would it be possible to share the links of the other countries websites? That way it would, at least, be possible to xplore some of the other products available?

        Many thanks

  2. What a fantastic format, with the column on the left for appointments and the rest of the page open for notes and lists. I have tried several times in the past to use a day-per-page book, because I like the idea of one day per page, but I always wind up going back to a week at a view for easier forward planning. I would love to hear how people use their day-per-page format books, and how they manage their forward planning and upcoming deadlines.

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