Adventures with UPS (a.k.a. According to our system)

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A couple weeks ago we received the following suggestion by a visitor to the Quo Vadis website: Have you ever considered making a planner Specifically Designed With The Truck Driver In Mind’?

This product will greatly help drivers in their daily routine, where they can record daily records to reflect back on their maintenance, deadhead mi., trip routing, advances, fuel stops for each trip, po#, pick up ID# and so on. There is still a need for simple products instead of high tech products.

I’m not sure it’s ever occurred to us that truck drivers were interested in our planners, but I’ll second the suggestion that simple products can still triumph over technology. A couple of weeks ago, I bought a small set of shelves on eBay, and the UPS package they were mailed in had a typo in the address the ZIP code was off by a single digit. Everything else was correct, and what’s more, that wrong ZIP code was all of 7 miles away from my house, in a different part of Brooklyn.

Ok, I thought; no problem. I’ll just call UPS and sort it out.

So I called, every day, for a WEEK, and was told, variously, that the correction had already been made, that the local center would call me back, that the package had been lost, that it would be there within a few hours, etc. Meanwhile I followed the tracking number on the UPS website and could see that it would go out for delivery each day, only to come back every night undelivered (fortunately, there was no street by the same name in that other part of Brooklyn). In the end, I had to ask the sender to ship another package, while the first one was returned to her as undeliverable.

So much for sophisticated logistical systems a map and a pencil would have sufficed!

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