A planless Valentine

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Here in New York, snagging a good restaurant reservation is always a competitive affair, but the struggle grows particularly fierce when Valentine’s Day comes around. Tables book up weeks, if not months, in advance, and woe to the hapless souls who wander in on the spur of the moment, hoping to be seated at 8:00!

Personally, I’d rather stay home and cook (or get takeout), anyway. Why stress yourself out for a holiday that’s supposed to celebrate love? Some things are better left un-planned.

If you don’t have anyone to cook for (or get takeout with), on the other hand and you live in the New York area you can order your meal from FreshDirect, an online grocery delivery service with a special menu for the brokenhearted:

From bitters (to match your mood) to thyme (said to heal all wounds) these items might just cushion the bumpy trip from your blind denial all the way to newfound acceptance of single life.

What are you doing on Valentine’s Day?

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