The fountain of youth

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Karen’s on vacation this week, so I’ll be posting some of the material that she’s prepared. To get started, here are some simple, inexpensive tips that she collected to help skin look and feel better:

1. Discard old, used beauty products. People may transfer bacteria from their fingers to pots of face cream and makeup, possibly leading to the growth of micro-organisms.

2. Stop smoking some dermatologists believe it promotes wrinkles and prematurely ages the skin.

3. More sleep, less stress psychological stress may impair the skin’s barrier function, which keeps bacteria out and water in.

4. Wear sunscreen Sunscreen, besides protecting from skin cancer, may inhibit sun-induced changes to the skin’s texture. Look for sunscreens that contain zinc oxide.

5. Wash your face at night. Doctors say that skin picks up environmental debris during the day. Washing every evening gives the skin a rest form exposure to possible irritants.

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