Quo Vadis Mandala

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This Quo Vadis mandala reads: “We must choose.”

A full account of the mandala is in the web book “The Milk is White” under the chapter heading “The Quo Vadis Mandala.”

This philosophical treatise was written by Ian Gardner, an 85 76 year old man living in Australia.

3 thoughts on “Quo Vadis Mandala

  1. Well, well well! It is March 7 2010 and I have just come across this post by what is normally termed “chance”.
    It is not important but let me correct the above post by saying that I have just turned 76 🙂
    In the post above Karen refers to a chapter heading “The Quo Vadis Mandala and you may like to know that the is something called The ‘Quo Vadis?’ File III, a sequel to the book “The Milk Is White” containing over 320 short posts, mostly one or two line aphorisms, about life and its purpose.
    In the web site of the book is a link to my new web site for this material from where the book and the “File” can be read and/or downloaded free.
    There is also information on self-healing and meditation.
    I wish you well!

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