UnterGunther & The Clock

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The UnterGunther are a group of urban explorers who seek to carry out clandestine historical restoration projects in France. It is part of a roughly 150-person network known as UX, which also stages stealth cultural events in Paris’ underground tunnels and famous buildings.

During a trial last month members described how they pulled off their greatest coup: fixing the rusted 19th clock in Paris’ landmark Pantheon.

In 2005, four people set up a secret workshop in the Pantheon. With the help of professional clockmaker Jean-Baptiste Viot, four members of the group began work to restore the 1850 Wagner clock. Once the clock was fixed, the group informed the administrator of the Pantheon so he could wind the clock and connect it to the bells.

Nothing happened.

So UnterGunther members infiltrated the Pantheon again, and fixed the clock and bells to ring for Christmas and a few days after. They were caught and brough to the Paris Court of Justice. The charges were eventually  dismissed for lack of evidence.

For some unknown reason the administrators of the Pantheon refuse to use the restored clock.

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