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Unless, I’m really busy, I tend to procrastinate by cleaning, organizing, or just generally straightening up; that way, I can tell myself that I am, in fact, accomplishing something, even if it’s not my work. This is a disastrous habit to have in a newly-moved-into house, especially since I also like to take my time as I figure out where everything goes. Before, I lived in a one-room studio apartment, so there wasn’t really that much choice. Now I’ve got two whole floors and a basement to contend with!

Nonetheless, I’m having a great time setting everything up. I’ve also become a big fan of hardware and home improvement stores: we need to paint the walls, rake the yard, weatherproof the windows and doors… A house is an ecosystem, I’m discovering, and it takes a while to learn how everything fits together. Non-city dwellers will no doubt be amused, but I haven’t had to program a thermostat in years, much less deal with a water heater!

I just wish I were better at ignoring these distractions when it comes time to sit down and work…

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