Your Calendar is Your Friend

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geralin2.jpgGeralin Thomas, the president of Metropolitan Organizing, is a big fan of Quo Vadis’ Minister planner. She is currently featured on Fine Living, a site dedicated to enjoying life and living it well.

When time permits, go to Fine Living and click on “Everyday.” Scroll to “The Essentials” to read her column, “Your Calendar is Your Friend.” Geralin shares some excellent time management and time saving tips.

Also, please check for details on the show, “Time Make Over,” which premiers this month on Fine Living Network. Geralin will appear in Episodes 103 and 104 (The Shedrick and the Damare families, both based in North Carolina.)

2 thoughts on “Your Calendar is Your Friend

  1. Hi Jen,

    I am happy that you like your minister as much as I like mine; you are correct–our ministers are sleek and cute but, one of my favorite features [at this time of the year]is the “count down” till end-of-the year feature.

    To find it look at the small-print numbers, with a slash between, in the *priority* box near the top of the page.

    This is helpful, if you like to know how many days before holiday festivities *officially* begin;it sort of serves as a motivator for accomplishing year-end goals.

    Today’s date reads, “315-50”; only 50 days of 2007 remain. Time to get busy!

    Oh, and if you don’t have a year-end goal–it’s not too late to make one; 50 days remain.

  2. When Geralin Thomas recommended the minister, the first thing I thought was how sleek and cute is looked. It is much more than that! I now do not go anywhere with out it. I acctually have appointments scheduled out months in advance now and live a much more organized life! Love it.

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