What day does your week begin?

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Like most European calendars, Quo Vadis weekly planners are laid out according to a typical work-week schedule, beginning on Monday and running through Sunday. The only Sunday-to-Saturday planner that we offer is the Visoplan, which is a monthly planner.

Occasionally, we get requests for more Sunday-to-Saturday planners. Sometimes, the reasons are religious: many American Christians believe that the Sabbath day is the most appropriate and reverent day on which to start the week (though confusion remains as to why this is the case if Sunday is the seventh day, i.e. the day on which God rested).

Other times, the reasons have to do with an unconventional work schedule. We recently received an email from a nurse whose work-week begins on Sunday, and who finds it difficult to quickly glance at the appointments in her Monday-to-Sunday planner.

Would you like to see a weekly QV planner that runs from Sunday to Saturday? How important is it to you? Let us know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “What day does your week begin?

  1. I would like a weekly planner to begin with Sunday at the top of the page and go through Saturday. I like the small pocket planner. Do You have something available?

  2. THe Trinote was the closest planner to what I wanted, but the Sunday is still too small. You could, I suppose shrink the Saturday a bit, but I’d give up other things to have a full-sized Sunday, since my Sundays are often quite busy. I don’t care where it falls, though.

  3. I prefer to have Sat/Sun together, as I tend to think of a single weekend as one unit, as I suspect most people do. What I hate, though, is how so many of the planners (including the Academic Minister that I use) give Saturday preferential treatment over Sunday, with a full line for Saturday and only a half for Sunday. Saturday and Sunday are the same in my world — weekend days, and I’d prefer to have the same amount of space & same visual layout for the two of them. Eg if Monday through Friday were in vertical columns and then Sat/Sun were off to the side as a “weekend” section. I suspect that most people on an academic calendar (so, who are in some kind of academic environment where they are having classes M to F and not on the weekends) would feel the same way.

  4. I think we are all used to the Sunday-Saturday routine. The Sabbath is actually our Friday evening to Saturday evening, however. Most people feel the week begins with Sunday, therefore to keep happy customers and gain new ones, I think you should change it.



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