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We have received numerous requests to add monthly planning pages to our date books. People using weekly planners would like to see a month on two pages just prior to the start of the new month. Having the month in front of them is helpful tool for planning.

Management, product developers and printers at Quo Vadis have discussed adding this calendar feature for several years now, but get stymied at the same obstacles:

– Months don’t break evenly (a new month usually begins during a week); so a monthly planning spread would have to be inserted either after the month has started or before it begins. This would look awkward.

– 12 monthly spreads will add pages to the agenda. This would then necessitate another choice: get rid of all the notes and information pages, or, make a thicker refill. Those choices each present their own problems. Thicker refills can’t be accommodated by our current covers. Customers for the expanded formats would need to invest in a new cover. Larger books will also be more expensive to cover the materials and manufacturing costs. Deleting existing pages will bring protests from customers who value or rely on them.

I can offer at least a partial solution… Three weekly Exacompta Prestige agendas include monthly planning pages: Visual, Space 24 and Space 17. There are no Quo Vadis brand planners with this feature, but we do offer monthly planning pdf pages for many of the books that people can download from our website. The 2008 versions will be posted early in December.

I stick an Exaplan in the back flap of my Space 24 for extra monthly notations. When I used Prenote and President a Monthly 4 served the same function.

I welcome more homemade solutions and ideas on how to solve this challenge, and any comments on what you would prefer: monthly planning pages or notes & information.

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  1. I would definitely say, get rid of the information pages! In this day and age, with the internet readily available, there is no need for world maps to be in an agenda book. Same with temperatures. If I want to know these things I’m far more likely to google it then to turn to the info pages in my agenda book. An agenda book is about planning and should be focussed on that information. While a couple of Notes pages are helpful, I don’t think that as many as are included are needed. I tend to write notes write on the date that they happen anyways.

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