Timothy Ferris

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One of the ways we say Quo Vadis agendas can help you is by eliminating clutter and chaos in your week.

Timothy Ferris, an entrepreneur from Long Island and the author of the best-seller, “The Four-Hour Work Week” takes pretty much the same view about time management. He believes a lot of this clutter begins with distractions like email and is ruthless about eliminating it. He is also a proponent of out-sourcing what we don’t need to do ourselves.

After reading Mr. Ferris’ book, Jason Hoffman, a founder of Joyent, a company that designs web-based software, encouraged his employees to cut out instant messaging and concentrate on one thing at a time rather than multi-tasking. He urged them to severely restrict email use and conduct business the old-fashioned wy, by telephone.

“All of a sudden,” Mr. Hoffman said of the results, “their evenings are free. All of a sudden Monday doesn’t seem so overwhelming.”

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