Monsters in the Kitchen

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In spite of the proliferation of electronic and web-based calendars, the popularity of the 12-month wall calendar never seems to wane. In fact, the choice of themes (cats, dogs, boats, landscapes, nature, occult, etc.) at bookstores and gift shops seem to be growing. Banks and other business still hand out calendars to their customers, and nonprofits like the Sierra Club use calendars and engagement books for publicity and fund raising.

Many people continue to hang a wall calendar in their cubicle or office for quick reference, and also have one hanging in the kitchen to remind family members about appointments and activities as they whiz by on the way to the refrigerator.

There are all kinds of special interest calendars for sale on the web. Pressed for time, I decided to order my 2008 kitchen calendar online this year. I chanced upon Sea Serpent Productions, a company that produces mugs, calendars and mouse pads via Cafe Press. The illustrations on the calendar were inspired by world-famous and legendary sea monsters from Loch Ness (Nessie), Okanagan Lake (Ogopogo), Lake Champlain (Champ), the Cadboro Bay Sea Serpent and others.

Since I love the sea, old tales, and the idea of the existence of sea monsters, this calendar was custom-made for me.

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