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Yesterday, Karen, Nicole, and I had lunch with Wladimir Tarnoff, Quo Vadis’s global marketing manager, visiting from France to run his third(!) New York City Marathon. We talked about all sorts of new products and ideas that Quo Vadis has in the works I’ll be posting more about them in the upcoming weeks.

In the meantime, we wish Wladimir best of luck on tomorrow’s run!

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  1. Actually, the paper is exactly the same in both European and the American planners. If you’d like to order a French, German, or Italian planner, you should call The Daily Planner (800-635-4321) in June and ask for the exact format that you’d like: layout, cover, and color. And you should also expect to pay a little more for it than you would for the American edition…

  2. I try to buy my QV in Europe. They have better maps and better paper. The Prestige line has interesting covers with golden-colored pencils. WHen can we in the USA have these wee, wonderful features? ALso, I like looking at the other languages–what about just letting us buy the German or Italian, et al. models here?

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