Elastic keeps your planner closed

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A Massachusetts reader recently emailed us to say what she likes best about her Robert le Hros planner: the elastic band that keeps the planner closed. (The hard cover is also a plus for not getting crushed in my bookbag.)

Could you make similar planners with the elastic band, similar size, and in hard cover with different cover designs? I like the current design, but I would definitely buy another one next year if there were other designs to choose from since I like the look of my planner to change each year.

How about it? If we made your favorite Quo Vadis planner with an elastic band on the cover, would you be interested? Or would you prefer some sort of a tab or a snap closure or nothing at all?

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  1. I love the traveler notebook. I would love it much more if it came with an elastic band or snap system. for the last 2 years I have used elastic bands from asparagus to hold it closed. Not classy!!

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