Which way is the dancer spinning?

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In spite of its explanatory power, I’ve always thought that the right brain/left brain dichotomy was a little overblown sort of like a scientific version of the astrological sun signs, where people instinctually round out a very general character description with elements of their own personality (but who am I to argue that Leos aren’t “dignified and strong“?).

So I don’t know how accurate this supposed “right brain vs. left brain test” is. But it’s still a cool visual exercise. Take a look at the dancer. Is she spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise?

To compare your answers to others who’ve taken the test, check out the comments to this blog post (which would seem, at least from a professional standpoint, to undermine the test-makers’ claim that those who see her spinning clockwise are more creative right brain types, while those who see her counterclockwise are logical lefties).

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