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“I’ve put it down in ink!” is a statement people make when they really intend to show up for a meeting, lunch or appointment. That expression is getting less common and less relevant as we move from writing with pens to typing on a keyboard and texting. I continue to use it, since I still love to write with a fountain pen. If I put something in ink in my datebook, I mean it.

One of our customers, Swisher Pens, markets their own unique ink. It is a quick-drying ink intended for use on good quality paper. It is recommended for left-handed writers since it dries almost instantly. It was developed for them by Nathan Tardif, the founder of the famous Noodler’s Ink.

I tested the Swisher ink at the DC Pen Show using a medium and fine point nib. I wrote my name, and then rubbed at the ink to try to smudge or smear it. Nothing…it had dried before I finished writing the last letter! I highly recommend Swisher Pen if smearing is a problem for you, and you need a good quality ink for your pen.

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