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blackboard_procrastinate2.jpgI read somewhere that procrastinators are really perfectionists in disguise. This may be true for some people, but  it can also be simply not doing what we don’t want to do. Since  we’re so overloaded with work and commitments it’s easy to keep postponing, hoping the issue will eventually go or fade away.

I procrastinate when I want to avoid some task–usually a phone call–when I’m afraid it will be unpleasant, lengthy or awkward. Though I had noted it in my date book, I’d erase and put it down to do the following week. For several weeks in a row I’d erase and rewrite the avoided call, email or meeting.

The solution to procrastination was to self-manage and make myself do the least liked tasks first thing Monday morning. That way, I get them done, and don’t spend the rest of the week avoiding them or getting distracted by other work or problems.

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