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At the company and at this blog, Quo Vadis welcomes the many kinds of correspondence we receive. Most people write in to us with questions, comments, and suggestions about Quo Vadis products. Other times, they simply want to share their perspective on things. We recently received a very thoughtful email from an anonymous blog reader:

On a recent trip to New Zealand, I witnessed something truly mesmerizing. We were walking about downtown Wellington on a sun-dappled day and a rainshower suddenly developed. The rain departed quickly but in its wake a glorious rainbow appeared in the sky. As we stopped and watched it evolve, two smaller companion rainbows crisscrossed the bigger one at each of its ends. Three rainbows together in the sky at the same time!! I was transfixed. I asked a local resident if what we were seeing was unusual there. He said that it happened quite often in New Zealand due to their unique spot on the planet. Unique or not, it was one of the most life-affirming phenomena that I have ever seen.

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