Mountains and Manhattan

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Last weekend, a friend and I went hiking in the Ramapo Mountains in Northern New Jersey/Southern New York state. Like most city-dwellers, I don’t do much exploration of the surrounding countryside: for one thing, I don’t own a car, and I didn’t grow up here, either, so I don’t know the area that well. But I would never have guessed that scenes of such jaw-dropping beauty could exist just a couple miles out of NYC. You can even see the Manhattan skyline from some of the mountain peaks!

The trip reminded me of a great New Yorker article about a landscape ecologist, Eric Sanderson, who’s trying to determine exactly how Manhattan looked before the arrival of Europeans. The story itself isn’t available online, but there’s a really cool slideshow on the magazine’s website with simulations and old maps.

In the meantime, I’ve placed a couple more of my own photographs after the jump. Happy hiking!



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