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pausch.jpgMy father survived a difficult battle with pancreatic cancer nearly three and a half years ago. A colleague of his at Carnegie Mellon University, Randy Pausch, doesn’t seem to be as lucky. In spite of a successful surgery and a harrowing course of chemotherapy, the 46-year-old father of three expects to live for just a few months.

Determined to make the best of things, Dr. Pausch recently gave a talk at the university (billed as his last lecture) where he spoke about how to live life to the fullest and achieve your childhood dreams. Its reach has extended far beyond the 400 students and colleagues that originally gathered to hear it. Both ABC and CBS have run segments about Dr. Pausch’s story; the Wall Street Journal and other newspapers have also written about it, as have hundreds of blogs.

Brick walls are there for a reason, said Dr. Pausch, who is currently undergoing a course of palliative chemotherapy and spending as much time with his family as he can. They let us prove how badly we want things.

It’s a very moving and inspiring lecture. You can read a transcript here or watch a video here.

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