From the archives: Colette and Calligraphe

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Karen was going through some old Quo Vadis marketing materials the other day when she came across a leaflet about QV sister company, Calligraphe, a French notebook manufacturer that was founded in 1899. “The famous French writer Colette,” said the leaflet, “Recorded fond school girl memories of learning to write of Calligraphe notebooks.” The Calligraphe company website confirms this bit of trivia (which was certainly news to us).

“My school notebooks, their sheets of laid paper, their gray rulling, their red margin, their black linen spine, their covers adorned with the name ‘Le Calligraphe’…” wrote Colette in her memoir, Mes apprentissages (published in 1936).

Calligraphe notebooks are still sold throughout France and at selected stores in the United States.

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