Flower power

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I saw my first floral taxi about a month ago, barrelling down Clinton Street in Brooklyn, where I live. “That’s pretty,” I thought to myself. “Maybe one of the medallion owners was looking for a creative way to set his (or her) taxi apart” the way a couple of old-fashioned Checker cabs still used to cruise the streets years ago when I was in college (the last one was retired in 1999). Those were the taxis everyone wanted to ride in.

But then I saw another cab with the same bright floral pattern. Soon, it seemed, they were everywhere, and I decided to investigate. As it turns out, the flowers are part of a public art project called Garden In Transit, created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of New York’s first metered taxicab. Coordinated by Portraits of Hope, a non-profit arts and education organization, it’s brought tens of thousands of volunteers together to help paint and apply the designs.

The flowered cabs will be around all fall to brighten up the city. You can check out some more photographs on this blog, or even sponsor your own taxi at the Portraits of Hope website.

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