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I missed writing about the Oktoberfest during the two-week annual festival. But, according to the official web site, I only have 338 days to wait until it comes around again. The historic home of the Oktoberfest is Munich, located in Germany’s southernmost state, Bavaria. (Actually “Munchen” – I remember a little German from my childhood. A saying or two, Christmas songs, and from time to time, hearing my mother say, “dummkopf.”

Oktoberfest means lots of good beer, of course, but it also provides a good excuse for some hearty eating, too. Germans love good bread, especially rye and dark bread. Stews, wursts, sauerkraut, wiener schnitzel, potato pancakes, and plenty of horseradish and hot mustard. Keep room for dessert! Try palatschinken, a crepe-like pancake rolled up with jam or ice cream in the middle, topped with chocolate sauce and almonds.

One German restaurant I’m planning to try soon is the Oak Chalet in Bellmore, NY. Gisela Wedel and Dieter Reinking have run the restaurant since 1981. Gisela, born in Bavaria, remembers the foods of her childhood. Weisswurst, the “white sausage” made from veal, pork and parsley was invented in Bavaria, she said. “They say that the weisswurst is not supposed to hear the 12 o’clock bell – that is, it should be eaten before lunch.” Dieter added, “In Bavaria, after church you go to the brew-house and have beer and weisswurst.”

Sounds like a plan to me!

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