The Annual Overhaul

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sidecap-buynow.jpgWe recently finished our annual overhaul of the Quo Vadis web site.   The home page has been completely redesigned, giving faster access to locating a particular refill or format.  The academic section has been expanded. Our fabulous web developer also installed a program that enhances your visual experience for product viewing in the Covers and Gifts sections. You can almost feel the cover material.

Most importantly, we have made it faster and easier for visitors to purchase–not only individual refills, but also date books with specific covers. For example, Trinote with Club cover; or Visual and Kali cover, etc.

Suggestions for improvements are always welcome, as well as knowing which features of the site are most valuable or beneficial. We deeply appreciate everyone who take a moment to write – in praise, to complain, ask a question or suggest an innovation.

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