Registre Azur Paper

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Several Exacompta agendas are printed on the Clairefontaine paper “Registre Azur,” a subtlety tinted paper scientifically calibrated to be restful on the eyes. The “restful” part is due to a very light mint tint on cream-colored paper – a nod to the accounting ledger heritage of Exacompta stationery products.

Space 24, Horizon 11 and the Visual weekly desk planners are all made with Registre Azur paper.

Exacompta – Exact Accounting – was founded in Paris in 1928 by Charles Nusse, the grandson of the founder of Clairefontaine. It started as a printing and binding works to produce accounting ledgers. In an age when products were made by craftsmen, Exacompta ledgers were known for their exceptional quality.

Exacompta is now one of the largest office supply companies in France. It still makes a few accounting books.

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