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With all the commotion and concern over the safety of Chinese-made products, consumers are now starting to look a the label to see where a product was made. For too long, I think, cheaper made products have held sway. Many people used to use price as their primary purchasing factor. Not anymore. Now they are bringing health and social concerns into the equation.

I decided to put “Made in the USA” on our home page to let people know our agendas are manufactured right here at our plant in upstate New York. Quo Vadis and Exacompta planners are made with paper harvested and processed in any environmentally safe and respectful way; and where worker health and safety is also a primary concern.

We have been asked why our products are more expensive than some of our competitors…That’s easy to answer. We pay a competitive wage for workers here in the U.S. Most of the people working at the company are long-term employees. We follow–and go beyond in compliance–stringent environmental rules and regulations in the manufacturing and production process. Our paper is superior quality. We are commited to our customers and our products, combining pride in a well-made product with the backing of a fifth generation family-owned business.

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