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pencil-icon.jpgThe “Marketing Mix” blog has been posting a great little mini-series about list-making recently. The first post talked about a very cool online service called Ta Da Lists, which basically serves as an organized virtual home for all the lists you want to keep. For those of us drowning in tiny scraps of paper (and permanently glued to our computers), that could be very useful, indeed though you obviously can’t take it with you to the store.

The second post gave some tips for making your lists more useful. But the third (and most recent) post was the one that most fired my imagination. It’s about the benefits of making lists for your personal and not just your professional life. Think about your favorite books and movies, the things you’d like to accomplish before you die, or even, writes blogger Colleen Wainwright, “five things you’d go back and tell your 20-year-old self” or “five things you’d tell someone starting out in your industry right now.”

Now, I don’t know if a list is necessarily the BEST way to keep track of what your personal goals are or what you’ve learned over the years, but it’s certainly a very efficient way to do so. And if what you list are answers to something like the Proust Questionnaire, you might just discover something unexpected about yourself, as well.

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